Daily Routine for Band

This one page practice routine is for band students to concentrate on basics and to encourage excellent technique. Play from the beginning very slowly. Once you are able to play the entire page expand your range by playing other scales and vary the rhythms to make it more challenging. Note: always start at the top and concentrate on perfect execution to build a solid foundation.

They can be played alone, with a partner, a larger group or full band.

There are two different horn parts included: one to work on alone and the other to fit in with full band. When using the full band version choose whichever octave works for you. Eventually you will be able to play both.

Help yourself and share with students as you wish.

There are also play along audio tracks below.
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Score.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Score.pdf
Size : 292.563 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Alto Sax..pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Alto Sax..pdf
Size : 78.616 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Baritone Sax..pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Baritone Sax..pdf
Size : 78.612 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Bassoon.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Bassoon.pdf
Size : 78.684 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Clarinet in Bb.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Clarinet in Bb.pdf
Size : 79.932 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Euphonium.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Euphonium.pdf
Size : 79.839 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Flute.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Flute.pdf
Size : 80.388 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Mallets.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Mallets.pdf
Size : 79.952 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Oboe.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Oboe.pdf
Size : 80.309 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Snare Drum.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Snare Drum.pdf
Size : 85.679 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Tenor Sax..pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Tenor Sax..pdf
Size : 79.202 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Trombone.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Trombone.pdf
Size : 79.932 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Trumpet-Bar TC.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Trumpet-Bar TC.pdf
Size : 79.917 Kb
Type : pdf
DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Tuba.pdf DailyRoutineforBand2020 - Tuba.pdf
Size : 83.478 Kb
Type : pdf

Play Along Tracks for Daily Routine for Band

DailyRoutineforBandAudio1-4.aiff DailyRoutineforBandAudio1-4.aiff
Size : 26536.053 Kb
Type : aiff
DailyRoutineforBandAudio5-11.aiff DailyRoutineforBandAudio5-11.aiff
Size : 25502.053 Kb
Type : aiff
DailyRoutineforBandAudio1-4.wav DailyRoutineforBandAudio1-4.wav
Size : 26536.045 Kb
Type : wav
DailyRoutineforBandAudio5-11.wav DailyRoutineforBandAudio5-11.wav
Size : 25502.045 Kb
Type : wav

Audio and Video Featuring Bob Nicholson

Maritime Brass Quintet: What a Wonderful World (Bob on Tuba)

Maritime Brass Quintet: Canzona Bergamasca (Bob on Bass Trombone)

Fnugg with dancers from the Charlottetown Festival  (Bob as Busker)

Adios Nonino performed by Foothills Brass (Bob on Tuba)

Jive Kings "Tugboat" video (Bob on Bass Trombone and brush cut!)

Jive Kings "Purple Haze" (Bob on Bass Trombone)

FBQ "BrassScapes 2011" (Bob on Tuba)

God Bless the Child, FBQ with Autorickshaw  (Bob on Tuba)

Big Yellow Taxi, FBQ with Autorickshaw (Bob on Bass Trombone)